Who we are

Grenfell Photography is a small husband and wife team working out of a studio in the beautiful and tranquil village of Titirangi in the Waitakere Ranges, just west of Auckland, New Zealand.

Originally just focussing on building their portfolio of fine art landscape images, Catherine and Ted now tend to spend as much time photographing cuisine and local / national public events as they do working on landscape photography.

Principles of our Work

In all we do, we strive to keep to the below principles. Even if there’s no direct client brief (e.g. we’re in the field on a landscape shoot), we’ll still be thinking about these as we go.

  • Quality without compromise
  • Focus on the end goal
  • Listen to the client
  • Check back with them often
  • Be passionate about the outcome



Catherine Grenfell

co-founder, director

E-mail: catherine@grenfell.co.nz

Cath’s mostly found in the field right now with her favourite toy, an 85mm portrait lens, where’s she’s been playing with interesting depth of field scenario’s.

Ted Grenfell

Ted Grenfell

co-founder, director

E-mail: ted@grenfell.co.nz

Pretty difficult to seperate Ted from his new ‘Really Right Stuff’ tripod ball head these days. It’s no wonder, given the interesting shots he’s been achieving.

We are proud to use the following companies

Queensberry Fine Art Printing
Kodak Express
HC Pro
Moo Cards

Note that we may benefit financially from the above recommendations.

Testimonials and visitor feedback

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